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Hearing with Commission II, Riau DPRD Call LIH Company Did the Forest Exploitation Outside HGU


DPRD Riau when hearing with Commission IIDPRD Riau when hearing with Commission II - Langgam Inti Hibrindo (LIH) Company located in Pelalawan Regency admitted that it had encroached forest or planted it outside the Cultivation Right (HGU) of the permit granted.

This was revealed in a hearing between the commission II DPRD Riau and LIH  Company which was attended by LIH Company Management, together with the Riau Plantation Office (Disbun). Monday 9 March 2020

The Chairman of Commission II Robin Hutagalung after the hearing said, from the results of the meeting there was a recognition of the company whose land had been cultivated outside the HGU for an area of ??595 hectares.

"But the data of commission II, the land cultivated outside HGU is 2225 so that there is a difference of 1650 hectares," Robin said.

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For this reason, Robin said his party asked Riau Disbun to coordinate with the LHK service, and Riau BPN regarding this finding.

"Later the commission II will also go down to the field and conduct a review and measurement to the field to match it so that the data is more valid," he explained.

Commission II also continued to give Disbun two weeks to complete it because it would be matched and proved between the data from Commission II obtained from satellites and company data.

While the commission II secretary Sugianto added that LIH Company planted outside HGU. For this reason, he requested the returned land to be returned to the state to become the Land of the Agrarian Reform Object (Tora).

"Besides planting outside the HGU, the company also committed environmental violations of disposing of waste not based on the rules and violations of watersheds (Das) where there are seven tributaries planted by the company," he concluded.

Meanwhile Commission II member Marwan Yohanis said, when he questioned the alleged illegal land, the LIH confirmed that there was land outside the Cultivation Right (HGU) planted by the company.

The reason for LIH Company, continued Marwan, was that they were the third owner of the land. This means that before LIH Company through CMA Company used the illegal land, the land had already been cultivated by the two previous companies.

Marwan then questioned, why did the company not check when buying the land from another company, the company reasoned that the land before being purchased was in the stage of obtaining permits.

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"A good buyer will definitely ask about the legality of the goods. If we buy a car, we will definitely ask BPKB (certificate of ownership) and STNK (vehicle license), when the letter is incomplete, of course, we will not buy it, and so will this land", continued Marwan.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations of LIH Company Yusman denied what the commission II had charged was that working on land outside the HGU was 1650 hectares. He stressed the amount worked by the company 595 hectares.

"But the point is we have done our best in the field, the matter of the DPRD wants to reduce the team to measure it, go ahead, so we'll just wait," Yusman explained. (ADV)




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