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At least, 65 Members of Riau Legislative Council for 2019-2024 Period has appointed


At least, 65 Members of Riau Legislative Council for  2019-2024 Period has appointedAt least, 65 Members of Riau Legislative Council for 2019-2024 Period has appointed -  A total of  65 members of Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Riau for the perode of 2019-2024 were officially sworn in and sworn in on Friday morning, at the Plenary Building of DPRD.

The plenary session was chaired by the Chairperson of Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Riau in the 2014-2019 period Septina Primawati accompanied by the Deputy Chairperson of the Riau DPRD Asri Auzar, Kordias Pasaribu and Sunaryo. 

Also present were Riau Governor Syamsuar along with Riau Deputy Governor Edy Natar Nasution.

The oath swearing in was guided by Deputy Chair of the Riau High Court, Eka Kartika. Elected members of the Board take oaths and promises with a solemn and sacred position.

In this activity, continued with the announcement of the leadership of the Riau DPRD while conveyed by the Secretary of the Kaharuddin Council.

"The interim leadership consists of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson coming from political parties who have the most seats in Riau Province. Based on a letter from the Work Group Party regarding the submission of the Riau DPRD chairman by appointing Sukarmis. Meanwhile, as the Vice Chair of the DPRD while Zukri Misran was appointed from from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle,"Kaharuddin said.

The handover of positions from the leadership of the DPRD Riau 2014-2019 term to the leadership of the Riau DPRD while the 2019-2024 period was marked by the surrender of the leadership hammer and memory books.

Sukarmis as chairman of the Riau DPRD while continuing the plenary as chair of the session. In his remarks, Sukarmis said that the position of temporary leader was a place to memorize limited tasks in accordance with the Riau DPRD rules of procedure.

"The task of the interim leader, namely as chair of the plenary session, facilitates the formation of factions and council fittings, facilitates the design of regional regulations on the council's tatib, then facilitates the process of definitive leadership of the Riau DPRD," said the Former Regent of Kuantan Singingi two periods.

Sukarmis also stressed the importance of harmonious relations between the executive and the local legislature.

"In carrying out this new task, we cannot work alone. We expect the support of all Riau provincial government and other agencies to unite the work steps in achieving the vision and mission of Riau," he said.

Following are the names of Riau DPRD members who were appointed for the 2019-2020 period:

Following are the names of Riau DPRD members who have been determined by KPU.

Riau Electoral District 1 (Pekanbaru)

1. Muhammad Aulia (Gerindra)

2. Robin Hutagalung (PDIP)

3. Parisman Ihwan (Golkar)

4. Sofyan Siroj Abdul Wahab (PKS)

5. Arnita Sari (PKS)

6. Ade Hartati Rahmat (PAN)

7. Cashier (Hanura)

8. Agung Nugroho (Democrat)

9. Noviwaldy Jusman (Democrat)


Riau Electoral District 2

1. Suprianto (PKB)

2. Nurzafri (Gerindra)

3. Ma'mun Solikhin (PDIP)

4. Ramos Teddy Sianturi (Golkar)

5. Ardiansyah (PKS)

6. Yuyun Hidayat (PPP)

7. Sahidin (PAN)

8. Eva Yuliana (Democrat)


Riau electoral district 3

1. Amran (Gerindra)

2. Syafaruddin Poti (PDIP)

3. Sari Antoni (Golkar)

4. Adam Intercession (PKS)

5. Syamsurizal (PAN)

6. Kelmi Amri (Democrat)


Riau Electoral District 4

1. Mother Khoiri (PKB)

2. Syafrudin Iput (Gerindra)

3. Suyadi (PDIP)

4. Karmila Sari (Golkar)

5. Ali Rahmad Harahap (NasDem)

6. Husaimi Hamidi (PPP)

7. Asri (Democratic)


Riau Electoral District 5

1. Muhammad Adil (PKB)

2. Hardianto (Gerindra)

3. Iwandi (PDIP)

4. Almainis (PDIP)

5. Indra Gunawan Eet (Golkar)

6. Amyurlis alias Ucok (Golkar)

7. Farida H Saad (Nasdem)

8. Mira Roza (PKS)

9. Abdul Kasim (PKS)

10. Sunaryo (PAN)

11. Eddy A Mohd Yatim (Democratic)


Riau electoral district 6

1. Sugianto (PKB)

2. Husni Thamrin (Gerindra)

3. Zukri (PDIP)

4. Soniwati (PDIP)

5. Sewitri (Golkar)

6. Makarius Anwar (PKS)

7. Zulfi Mursal (PAN)

8. Tumpal Hutabarat (Democrat)


Riau electoral district 7

1. Dani M Nursalam (PKB)

2. Suhaidi (Gerindra)

3. James Pasaribu (PDI P)

4. Sulastri (Golkar)

5. Septina Primawati (Golkar)

6. Muhammad Arpah (PPP)

7. Sulaiman MZ (PAN)

8. Agus Triansyah (Democrat)


Riau Electoral District 8

1. Ade Agus Hartanto (PKB)

2. Marwan Yohanis (Gerindra)

3. Sugeng Pranoto (PDIP)

4. Sukarmis (Golkar)

5. Yulisman (Golkar)

6. Sardiyono (PPP)

7. Compatibility (PAN)

8. Manahara Napitupulu (Democratic)

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