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The story of a female doctor from Russia who divorced her husband because she was crazy about sex, so she didn't have time to shower


IllustrationIllustration - A female doctor from Russia has sued for divorce from her Scottish husband. The reason is, the husband is crazy about sex so that she does not have time to take a shower.

The doctor, YI, 45, married a Scottish man with the initials AAW, 65 after they met on an online dating site in Dubai.

They spent the New Year in Prague before settling in the desert country. But the husband, who is from the highlands, started to make life miserable after the birth of their son.

YI, who is a pathologist, told the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh that her husband, AAW, was too controlling, undermined her self-confidence, made derogatory comments, and was obsessed with sex even when she was breastfeeding their son.

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She claimed they had enjoyed normal sexual relations until the birth of their son in 2012 when AAW began demanding three times a day of sex.

The court heard YI's testimony; "What he (husband) wants is sex continuously, when I breastfeed (child) all he wants is sex, I can't even take a shower."

She called her husband a "friendly rapist." The doctor also revealed that the husband ordered a prostitute for his 16-year-old son (the son of another woman) by swearing at him: "It's none of your business, you idiot."

AAW also didn't let her return to Russia to visit her dying mother and make jokes about her affair with a taxi driver.

She claims the husband used their son as a tool to "hold" her hostage in order to remain in the country.

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The court also heard that AAW began to spend a long time and his wife found photographic evidence of a 25-year-old woman. The doctor was sure the husband had started using prostitutes.

Doctor YI took her case to court while her husband attempted a divorce in Dubai, which he said was for financial reasons.

Judge Lady Wise said AAW admitted to being obsessed and making fun of him in an email. The judge granted YI's divorce request. "He's ready to accept a lot of unpleasant behavior.

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