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Barbaric! This Woman with a Mental Disorder is Raped by taking turns in front of her child until she is pregnant


IllustrationIllustration - A woman who has a mental disorder is a rape victim until she is pregnant. The woman who has had a daughter is now traumatized.

The police are currently investigating rape cases suffered by the victim. It was suspected that the victim was a drug courier before, seeing from the messages on the victim's cellphone.

Reporting from, Tuesday (04 August 20), IN's eyes (35) immediately glared and immediately hugged his child in the Trauma Center (RPTC) Protection House of North Kalimantan, Nunukan, North Kalimantan where he has been sheltering all this time.

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IN was a rape victim by a number of men. The perpetrators take advantage of IN conditions that have mental disorders. Until finally the victim became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy last Saturday (01 August 20).

In addition to experiencing mental disorders, IN is now experiencing acute paranoia. IN did not want to be far from his children. He always felt suspicious of people nearby because he thought he would take his child. IN also goes berserk when others care for their children.

When the rape happened, IN was with her daughter. The perpetrators came and immediately raped IN in front of his child.

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Previously, IN was discovered by the social service on a wooden boat with the child on Pantai Lingkar Road, South Nunukan. When found, IN brought a bag containing a cellphone. IN is suspected to be a drug courier when viewed from the contents of the conversation on his cellphone.

"According to the police, IN is likely to be used as a drug courier, and did not rule out the possibility of his brain disturbed by drugs as well," said Yaksi.

IN was briefly repatriated to Pinrang, South Sulawesi, where it was originally from. But his unstable condition made IN impossible to be repatriated. The officer once wanted to repatriate IN, but he continued to rage and jumped from the car.

"If he is sent home, he has to take care of his grandmother, it is not possible with such conditions, we will send him back on a rampage, how about later on the ship when our officers are off guard, too risky, so we leave it in the RPTC, who knows how long, he has more than six months there, "he said.

Officers are experiencing financial difficulties because there is no government funding. While the first IN child is planned to be taken to an orphanage if the IN condition is stable.

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