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Stairs for Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah Amaliyah Huswatun Hasanah


Manufacture of stairsManufacture of stairs - Non-Commissioned Officer of Village Level (Bintara Pembina Desa) of Rayon Military Command 09 / Langgam Military District Command 0313 / KPR Serda Gunawan Rianto assisted Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah teachers Amaliyah Huswatun Hasanah Makmur Village Pangkalan Kerinci Subdistrict Pelalawan District made stairs for the students to go to class on Wednesday 01 July 2020 .

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"I am very grateful to be able to help the teachers in the work of making stairs because through this activity there is a harmonious relationship between the Indonesian National Army and the people," explained Second Sergeant Gunawan Rianto.

"Hopefully, with the assistance of Non-Commissioned Officer of Village Level (Bintara Pembina Desa), the process will be completed quickly," said Mr. Sutomo, one of the teachers at Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah Amaliyah.

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