Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

Put the Egg into the Patient's Side, A Shaman from Bondowoso was visited by the Police


IllustrationIllustration - The practice of a perverted shaman from Bondowoso was reported by his victim to the Situbondo Regional Police Station. Victims who want to cure stomach acid pain told when AR (40) claimed to be able to cure the disease.

Based on information obtained, the practice of obscene AR shamanism occurred at a hotel in the Pasir Putih area of ??Bungatan Situbondo District, Tuesday (21 July) afternoon. At that time, the perpetrators and victims agreed to do the treatment at the hotel.

The victim is a 30-year-old woman who also came from Bondowoso. The victim came not alone, but together with her husband. Arriving at the hotel, the victim's husband and the offender both booked a room. However, during the 'treatment' the victim's husband was told to wait in the room the shaman ordered.

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In the room of the victim's husband's order, the obscene practice claimed that the treatment was carried out by the shaman. During treatment, the victim is said to be helpless. He also followed every shaman's order. Including when the perpetrator asked the victim to remove all his clothes, and called him to the bathroom to have sex.

The information gathered, in addition to indecent acts, the obscene shaman inserted an egg into the victim's genitals. Next, the perpetrators asked the victim to take out the egg. But the hands of the perpetrators also helped.

Feeling that something was wrong with the treatment of the shaman, the victim rushed to report to the Situbondo Police Headquarters.

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