Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Bank Indonesia Distributes to Affected Communities Assistance of Covid-19


Bank Indonesia Distributes to Affected Communities Assistance of Covid-19Bank Indonesia Distributes to Affected Communities Assistance of Covid-19 - Bank Indonesia is giving aid to the Covid-19 affected communities, to help ease the burden on the Covid-19 affected communities including Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

The delivery of nine-basic necessities and carts was also witnessed by Jon Erizal Commission XI of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia through a video conference that came down to help the people who had an impact on Covid-19.

House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Commission XI H. Jon Erizal, SE, M.B. through Bank Indonesia to provide assistance as much as 300 groceries to the community which impact on Covid-19 will be provided in stages by the Pengulu in the Mandau River District. While the cart and culinary tents are 9 units of assistance from the Siak Regency Government for Micro, Small, and Medium Business traders.

"In the future, we will continue to be assisted by Bank Indonesia in terms of agriculture. In addition to supporting people's purchasing power, we also carry out the Handover of Culinary Carts and Culinary Tents to strengthen the community's economy," said Mandau District Head, Yudha Rajasa.

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Small and Medium Industries are industries or business actors that have been resilient that have been recognized by several Survey Institutions that Small and Medium Industries are people who are resilient during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is these business actors who are pedaling the economic wheels of the Indonesian Government.

As a result of the Covid-19 disaster, many business actors have lost money and terminated their employees. But through this IKM, it is doing everything in its power to continue to stretch and grow and drive the community's economy.

"We also say to the Regent of Siak who cares for the community to provide food carts and tents along with other equipment. This will be given to the sellers who first trade. And for the future we will also prepare a more feasible and healthier place. This is a commitment between the Camat and Penghulu to improve the economy in the Sungai Mandau sub-district, "the camat closed.

Bank Indonesia has also helped many Mandau River Districts, including Organic Rice Demonstration Plot, Making Dry Floors, Facilitation for Gapoktan to sell or shelter for agricultural grain.

"Our aim to come here is to convey and follow up on Bank Indonesia to help the people affected by Covid-19. Moreover, those who are experiencing a decline in public income so that people are not poor," said Bank Indonesia Chief Representative, Decymus.

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Several proposals have been submitted to Bank Indonesia for the Corporate Social Responsibility Program related to the Duck Farm and Chicken Farming Sector. This is in order to raise the economy of the community and to overcome Stunting for children.

"Bank Indonesia has also helped a lot besides basic food, also encouraging good agricultural productivity. Including post-harvest rice processing. Together with this we also help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises for hawkers or Micro, Small, and Medium Business traders in the River District "Mandau and the budget has been allocated through the Department of Industry and Trade. Hopefully it can help businesses so that the economy can recover and improve after the large-scale social restrictions" said Alfedri.

In addition to better cultivation and post-harvest processing, said Alfedri, the Regional Government has also gradually reformed the drainage system, including farming, both from the Regional Revenue and Spending Budget and ministries. (Adv)

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