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Strengthening Food Reserves for the Covid-19 Spring Season, Secretary of Siak Video Conference with the Head of the Indonesian Food Security Agency


Acting Secretary when chairing a virtual meeting with the GovernorActing Secretary when chairing a virtual meeting with the Governor - The Covid-19 virus pandemic that has spread in various parts of the world must be addressed quickly and effectively. Not only in terms of handling health problems but also in terms of providing food for affected communities.

With regard to food matters, since the beginning of the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has prepared a series of rapid handling programs both in terms of distribution and availability.

Acting Regional Secretary Siak Jamaluddin when participating in Vidcon with the Head of the Indonesian Food Security Agency with the theme of strengthening food and nutrition reserves followed by a number of Regional Secretaries of Western Indonesia regions / cities said that local governments are asked to prepare rice reserves that are adjusted to the number of their population.

On that occasion the Head of the Food Security Agency also conveyed that every regional head governor, regent and mayor is obliged to allocate in the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget for food reserves. Including the mandate of law number 18 of 2012 concerning food, each region guarantees the availability of food in its territory.

"Yesterday we submitted a regional regulation, as a legal umbrella, to prepare local government rice stocks or reserves in order to deal with the current Covid-19 outbreak," said Jamal in the Live Room of the Siak Regent II Floor.

In essence, said Jamal, we have to prepare local government reserve rice. Then the government through related agencies must encourage the community to cultivate crops, because the Covid-19 epidemic is not known until when it ends.

"According to epidemiologists, they do not know when the corona outbreak will end, therefore we have to prepare local government reserve rice. For now our rice stock is until September," he explained.

Head of the Food Security Agency, Agung Hendriadi, stated that it is not easy for the Governor and the Regent to ask the central government for rice reserves, they must issue an emergency letter. It's not really cold.

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"Because of that, strengthen the food reserves of the district, city and provincial governments. In addition, we would like to convey that the Ministry is currently proposing to the president of the Village community food reserves, in collaboration with the Ministry of Villages by submitting an additional budget" he explained.

He also conveyed the essence of the meeting, each region can increase food reserves. Indicators of food management, one of which is the availability of food reserves by the central government, provincial governments and district / city governments.

"I want to remind you, now is the right time to increase our food reserves, harvest everywhere, surf everywhere. So that when we are hit by a pandemic like now, we have food reserves and children are not malnourished," he concluded. Siak received 750 certificates from the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / BPN.

Today, Friday (7/8/2020) the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / BPN handed over 16372 Land Certificates for the people to Riau Province. And then the certificate was handed over directly by the Governor of Riau Syamsuar Province, to Regencies / Cities throughout Riau Province, including the Siak Regency as many as 750 certificates received by Acting Secretary Siak Jamaluddin via virtual which was held in the Bandar Siak Room, Floor II of the Siak Regent's Office.

On the same occasion, Acting Regional Secretary of Siak Jamaluddin District, continued to symbolically hand over the certificate to the people of Siak Regency.

One of the recipients of land certificates for the people from Merempan Hulu Village, Mempura District, Witoyo (62), expressed his gratitude for the land certificate that had been given to him.

"My personally express my gratitude to the Central Government, Regional Government and the National Land Agency for submitting their land certificate. This program is very helpful as well as very beneficial to the community", said Witoyo.

The certificate received by Witoyo is a certificate of ownership of an oil palm plantation with an area of ??two hectares.

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In his remarks, the Acting Regional Secretary of Siak Jamaluddin District also expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency and the Governor of Riau Province, who had submitted the Land certificate from the 2020 Land Distribution Program to Siak Regency.

"I on behalf of the government and represent the people of Siak Regency, would like to express my gratitude for the submission of this land certificate. It is clear that the Land Distribution program has had a huge benefit for the people of Siak Regency," said Jamaluddin.

The distribution of land certificates to the community is a manifestation of the implementation of the agrarian reform program in the form of a more equitable restructuring of control, ownership, and use and utilization of land, namely through asset management accompanied by access management, for the prosperity of the Indonesian people in general, and the people of Riau and the Regency. Siak in particular.

"To realize the function of land as an asset that must be managed safely, the land redistribution program is also implemented in Siak Regency, in order to guarantee legal certainty and protection of community land ownership, as well as improve welfare as a result of its management", he explained.

Jamal continued, in Siak District, the total distribution of land to the people was 750 certificates, which were divided in Merempan Hulu Village, Siak District with a total of 301 fields, M complet village, Sungai Apit sub-district with a total of 200 fields, Bunsur Village, Sungai Apit sub-district with 121 fields, and in Sungai Limau Village, Pusako Subdistrict, with a total of 128 plots, sourced from former land use rights seven and nine (PT Makarya Eka Guna) as well as other state lands.

"I hope that with the delivery of land certificates for the people from the 2020 Land Distribution program, it can improve the economy of the community, especially the people of Siak Regency," hoped the Acting Secretary of Siak.

This event was also witnessed in person via virtual by the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Syofyan A. Djalil, Governor of Riau Mr. Syamsuar, Head of the Regional Office of the Riau Province National Land Agency Muhammad Syahrir, Head of the Siak Hermen Regency National Land Agency Office, Forum element Coordination of Regional Leaders and vertical agencies, as well as all other invited guests. (Adv)

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