Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Falling Asleep When Breastfeeding Her Baby, This Mother Was Shock to Find Her Baby Bloodied When She Woke Up


IllustrationIllustration - While breastfeeding in bed, Joanne accidentally felt asleep with her baby. Unconsciously, she made her baby breastfeed with face down.

It is inconceivable how shocked she was, when she awoke. Because, suddenly around her there was a pool of blood. This incident occurred in Kendal, Cumbria, England.

Realizing this, she immediately rushed her baby to the hospital, and the baby was directly taken to the emergency services unit, the medical conduct CPR.

However, the baby died shortly after being taken to the hospital, as a result the mother is now being held in court.

According to the Home Officer pathologist, Dr. Alison Armon, the newborn baby is believed to have died after the mother accidentally rolled it while sleeping.

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However, he did not dare to say it was the pure cause of death of the newborn.

Dr Nicholas Shaw, at Chockermouth Coroner's Court said, "the baby may have rolled on its knees, and then be in an unsafe position."

According to Shaw this incident made him issue a warning to all mothers who often breastfeed babies in bed.

Because it is very dangerous to the baby and if it falls asleep it could be fatal.

Joanne is now detained and undergoing an examination, according to post mortem, Joanne does not consume alcohol or drugs.

It was also not mentioned that the baby named Harry, who died, did not have an injury, illness or infection that caused him to die.



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