Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

This Japanese Nurse Intentionally Killed the Lives of 20 Patients, the Reason She Did It Made Furious


Ayumi Kuboki, a competent nurse who has killed 20 of her patientsAyumi Kuboki, a competent nurse who has killed 20 of her patients

Caring for patients while in the hospital has become the main task for a nurse. Nurses are required to pay attention to all the needs of patients so that conditions are better.

But this Japanese nurse claimed to have killed at least 20 patients on a scheduled basis.

Ayumi Kuboki (31) was arrested for the suspicious death of an 88-year-old patient he was treating.

In the patient's blood was found poison with a high antiseptic concentration.

To the police, the heinous nurse claimed not only to poison Sozo Nishikawa (88) but also many other patients since the autumn of 2016 that she killed.

"I also provide antiseptics with other patients," Ms Kuboki was quoted as saying by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

"I did that to about 20 patients," she admitted.

During the examination, Kuboki said he would only kill terminally ill patients, who he believed would die while she was on shift.

By poisoning and scheduling the death of his patient, she will not be inconvenienced when the patient dies, because at that time she made sure she was not on duty.

At the hospital, the nurse on duty is responsible for making detailed reports of the patient's death and reporting to family members left behind, so Kuboki feels troubled if someone dies while she is on guard.

"It would be troublesome if that responsibility fell to me," Kuboki told police.

In Nishikawa's case, the police believed the poison was given between 3 pm and 4.55 pm while Kuboki prepared to start her shift.

Her condition deteriorated rapidly and the patient was confirmed dead at 07.00 pm, during which the day shift nurse was still inside the building and had to be the one to notify the family.

Two days after Nishikawa's death, a man named Nobuo Yamaki who was in the same ward also died in the same condition.

Nobuo Yamaki's body (88), was autopsied after another nurse saw bubbles in an IV.

After he was allegedly killed by poison, the police also investigated Nishikawa's death.

The investigation was initially hindered by the lack of surveillance cameras at the Oguchi Hospital in Yokohama.

Until then, the police found a small needle in 10 drip bags in a nurse's post.

When searching for nurse uniforms, they found traces of antiseptic chemicals in Kuboki's uniform.

Kuboki was questioned in June after quitting the hospital, and was only arrested on July 7.

Kuboki herself obtained a nurse license in 2008 and worked in another hospital before joining Oguchi in May 2015.

The police said they would never know the exact number of victims, because almost all bodies would be cremated.

"We have no awareness that he is a problem employee," a worker told Asahi news.

Another colleague, from the same hospital, said that Kuboki "is the type of person who is hard to think about what she really thinks, but she is considered competent".

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