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Buffalo Boys, Film Indonesia yang akan Diperkenalkan Dalam Fantasia Film Festival


Buffalo BoysBuffalo Boys - Some time ago, 'Buffalo Boys' released a trailer which stole the show. The sadistic scene with stunning picture quality becomes the attraction of the film.

The adventure drama of the Dutch colonial period in Java was worked out by Infinite Studios, in collaboration with Zhao Wei Films (Singapore) and Screenplay Infinite Films. 'Buffalo Boys' are now selected to participate in the Fantasia Film Festival competition in Canada.

The film tells of two princes who returned home after decades of being thrown into exile of the American Wild West. They returned with their uncle to take revenge after their father was killed by Dutch troops.

They also eventually met with villagers who rejected foreign control. A group of people are struggling to bring justice in the region.

"We are honored to be selected for the Fantasia Film Festival, following a series of Indonesian film launches abroad for an international audience.We hope our film will continue the introduction of Indonesian culture to the world" Mike Wiluan said of the release on Monday, May 7th 2018.

'Buffalo Boys' is unusual as it gives a combination of Indonesian history with the classic Western genre. The film stars Pevita Pearce, Ario Bayu, Yoshi Sudarso, Mikha Tambayong, Tio Pakusadewo, Happy Salma, Zack Lee, Hannah Al Rashid and Alex Abad.

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