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Are You Involved With Infidelity Problems? These 7 Film Recommendations about Infidelity You Must Watch


IllustrationIllustration - Infidelity is a pulse in a love affair that is often raised as the theme of a film or television series. Films about infidelity can usually stir the emotions of the audience.

However, basically the film contains deep meaning to be conveyed to the audience, namely cheating is not one way to get out of a problem.

1. Vanilla Sky
Played by Tom Cruise, this film tells the story of an affair committed by David Aames (Tom Cruise) with Sofia Serrano (Penelope Cruz). Seeing this, David's lover, Julie Gianni (Cameron Diaz) was burning with jealous fire.

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2. 5 to 7
If the affair will trigger another partner's anger, then this film offers a different story. The reason is, the Valery couple played by Lambert Wilson and Arielle Pierpoint by Beranice Marlohe allow it.

3. Secret Love
The film about the next affair is Secret Love. The film, released in 2010, tells the story of an affair with sister-in-law which makes there are many challenging scenes in it.

4. Refrain
Refrain is a film about infidelity from Indonesia. This story begins with Niki's relationship played by Maudy Ayunda and her lover Oliver (Maxime Bouttier) and ends in Oliver's affair on prom night.

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Seeing that, Niki was devastated. The best friend Nata (Afgansyah Reza) finally calms Niki and is always present. There, Niki finally realized that Nata loved her sincerely.

5. Caught
The film, released in 1996, featured many emotions from the character. Because this film tells the story of a middle-aged couple who are bored with their routine of life. However, the atmosphere changed when a midfielder moved into his home and aroused passion.

6. Wind Wind Wind
This Korean film about infidelity is wrapped with various comedy elements. In fact, there are many hilarious scenes that Lee Sung Min performed as Seok Geun and Song Ji Hyo as Mi Young in the film with another title 'What a Man Want'.

7. Match Point
The film about the last affair is Match Point. This film tells the story of Chris, a trainer who likes Tom's fiancé who is also his student. The complex again, Chris is also known to be in a serious relationship with Tom's sister named Chloe.

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