Thursday, 30 May 2024

Lol, Stunted Police Reaction Afraid of Viral Syringes in the Virtual World


IllustrationIllustration - Syringes are not only frightening for children, but also for some adults. Like a policeman who was caught on camera and looked scared when he was about to get a shot.

Feeling scared by the syringe, he held the hand of a friend next to him. The video was viral on social media.

Shared by the Twitter account @ spawnking27 on July 30, the account owner uploaded a 23-second video, showing hefty police officers and wrapped in uniforms. He was seen sitting on the couch with a colleague next to him, as he extended his left arm to the male officer who was going to inject him.

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Because I was afraid of the syringe, the policeman even held the hand of his colleague next to him and had a chance to scream, even though the syringe had not hit the skin of his arm.

"... wait, wait, wow! Wait first sir, oh dear! Yes sir, wait sir! Ready yass ready!" said the police officer. He seemed to be brave and tried not to focus on the syringe.

While the male officer who was preparing to inject him also had a chance to give him the advice to look the other way.

"Look there, look there," said the man holding the syringe.

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Even because he never injected successfully, one of his other colleagues also intervened to help hold his arm to be injected.

The video has also been watched by more than 2 million views and shared more than 27,200 times to fellow users and liked more than 44,200 Twitter accounts too, reaping various comments from citizens.

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