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6 Strange Myths in Indonesia That Are Not Public Secrets Again, Do You Believe?


IllustrationIllustration - Indonesia is full of many myths. Whether from the ancestors or stories from mouth to mouth, which certainly makes many people believe and follow these myths.

Although only a mere figment, many believe in myths because it is said that some myths are really real. In the following, we will discuss the weirdest myths in Indonesia.

1. Clean Sweep so that the husband does not be covered
This sweeping job is women's work, which is certainly often synonymous with sweeping. It seems like many women who believe it, if not clean, the husband will be swept. Logically it actually makes no sense, but not a few people believe it.
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2. Whistling at Night Can Call Satan
Whistling at night can call the devil? Actually it makes sense. Because at night we do not know whether there are road residents or watchmen who live somewhere. We should respect this myth because it is a myth that makes sense.

3. Sitting in front of the door is hard to match
This myth is absurd because what is the relationship between the seat and match? The answer doesn't make sense. When women and men who are sitting near the door are often rebuked, some believe and some do not believe. How about you?

4. Prohibited to Leave When Maghrib
Before our sophisticated technology often played out, there were some parents forbidding us to play during Magrib because it was dangerous when it was out at night.

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There is a myth of a ban on going out during the Magrib, because of the authority of the gombel. Some cases of abduction of children by the authority of gombel actually occur. Then, how exactly? Is it true?

5. Myth Forbidden from Using Green Clothes to the Beach
Whether this is a myth or reality, the fact is many people are lost because of wearing green clothes when going to the south coast. No wonder people believe this myth because they don't want to disappear.

6. Cannot Cut Nails At Night
Do you believe it? seems rather eccentric. However, many people believe that they are not allowed to cut their nails at night.

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