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The Pity Fate of a 13-Month Baby When Being Fed by Her Mother's Lunch, Suddenly This Terrible Thing Happened


KH cried during medical treatment by the doctor at RSUD SMART PamekasanKH cried during medical treatment by the doctor at RSUD SMART Pamekasan - A 13-month-old baby boy suffered the unfortunate fate of being fed lunch by his mother.

As a result of this unfortunate incident, the baby with the initials KH had to undergo surgery in the surgical cell room at the SMART Pamekasan Hospital, Madura, Thursday (6 August 2020).

So, what happened to the boy?

The incident was told by KH's uncle, Abdurrahman.

At around 14:00 WIB yesterday, KH was carried by his mother in the area around his house.

While busy feeding her food, the mother heard an eruption not far from where she was carrying KH.

The sound of the eruption coincided with KH who suddenly burst into tears.

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Mrs. KH, who is a resident of Jalan Bonorogo, Pamekasan Regency, Madura, immediately checked the condition of her baby boy.

Finally, Mrs. KH saw blood droplets coming out of her son's left arm.

As it turned out, the 13-month-old baby was hit by a stray bullet.

The victim then underwent treatment at the hospital.

The man known as Rahman continued, the position of the stray bullet penetrated KH's skin.

This was known by Rahman based on X-rays.

"Luckily it still hit my nephew's arm. If it didn't hit my nephew's arm, it could hit the chest of my younger brother (his mother) who was carrying," he was grateful.

Abdurrahman said that after his nephew was hit by a stray bullet, his party immediately looked for information in the area about who had an air rifle (rifle).

His efforts were not in vain, the suspect who shot the stray bullet was found.

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It turned out that the bullets came from a neighbor's house who had an air gun.

The perpetrator argued that he only shot at the wall.

Currently, Abdurrahman said, the victim's family is meeting with the suspect's parents.

This was done to discuss these problems in a family manner

Abdurrahman said that the distance between the suspected perpetrator's house and the place where the stray bullet was around was approximately 300 meters.

In addition, the alleged perpetrator who shot a stray bullet is still in junior high school (SMP).

Abdurrahman felt lucky because local residents provided information to him in the area that had an air gun.

Based on the confession of one of the neighbors close to the suspect's house, the child often played with air guns.

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