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The Mother In-Law Got Angry at the Bride at the Wedding Ceremony, Because of This


IllustrationIllustration - Marriage should be a place to unite two families. Even so, it is not uncommon for problems to arise between in-laws and in-laws.

One example is the incident that occurred between the mother-in-law and the bride. Later, the video of the in-laws scolding the bride was viral in Tiktok.

The video of the wedding ceremony actually happened several years ago. However, the uploader who is the bride's sister is only sharing it now.

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Launch Mirror, the video uploader is Sarah Ragsdale from California. Meanwhile, her married sister named Anna Larrabee.

"My brother's marriage a few years ago. His mother-in-law always hated her. Sheis the type of in-law who feels that my brother seized her child," wrote Sarah Ragsdale in TikTok.

In the video, it is seen if Anna and her future husband are ready to say the wedding vows. However, the mother-in-law named Judy suddenly interrupted.

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Apparently, the mother-in-law disagreed with the part of the marriage vows which stated that her son had flaws.

"You wouldn't say that my son has flaws," threatened the mother-in-law.

Shocked to see the angry mother-in-law, Anna tried to calm down. Initially, the bride requested that the in-laws leave from there so that the situation was not chaotic.

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