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5 Things Happen to Your Body, If You Don't Drink Water


 5 Things Happen to Your Body, If You Don't Drink Water 5 Things Happen to Your Body, If You Don't Drink Water - Many people think that it's bad to drink water during and right after a workout. But, will tell you what happens to your body, if you ignore to don't drink water.

1. You contribute to skin aging.
It's proven that sports have a rejuvenating effect on our skin. Thanks to the skin's blood flow cells get enriched with oxygen, collagen production increases, and wrinkles get smaller. Our body needs the right amount of fluid to help the blood circulate well.

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2. You lose water, not fat.
Some people think that if they don't drink water while exercising, they'll lose weight faster. Yes, you'll see the effect on your scale right after a workout. But, you don't lose excess fat, you lose water. And as soon as you drink your scale will show a different result.

A lack of water doesn't allow us to burn fat cells effectively. Normal blood circulation that enriches cells with oxygen isn't possible because of the water shortage.

3. Toxins stay in our body
During physical exercises, our body gets rid of toxins through skin blood flow and heavy sweating. But if you don't supply your body with enough water, sweating won't be that intense and most of the toxins will stay in your body.

4. Workout effectiveness decreases.
Scientists think that dehydration has a negative impact on workout effectiveness. If you lose 5% of fluids, your workout effectiveness will be reduced by 30%. If you lose 2% of fluids, it means that you're not letting your body burn fat or grow muscle.

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5. You start experiencing muscle pain.
Muscle pain occurs after a good workout. But if you don't drink enough water, this pain could last longer than just a couple of days.

Microtraumas that occur during exercises can only be healed if muscle fibers get protein and carbohydrates. And this is only possible if there's enough water in our body.

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