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5 Main Tips for Caring for Your Face, Newbie Can Also Sure


Illustration of woman wearing moisturizerIllustration of woman wearing moisturizer - Having healthy, trouble-free skin is definitely your dream, right, Ladies? Of the many skincare tips available, you can follow simple but still effective skin care tips to maintain the following skin beauty.

1. Cleansing
The first skincare tips starting from cleansing routine is very important to keep skin free from various problems, one of which is to minimize acne so it does not appear. Cleansing can cleanse facial skin from dirt and oil that clog pores. Don't forget to choose a facial cleanser that has a balanced pH so that it helps maintain the production of sebum on the face.

2. Masks
The most recommended mask for shrinking pores is a volcanic clay mask because it can provide deep cleansing as well as shrink pores. Moreover, the cool effect of the clay mask can also be soothing. As a result, the pores will shrink and excess oil can also be overcome.

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3. Toner
Toner is very important to control the production of sebum on the face and balance the skin's pH level. In addition, toner is also rich in formulas that hydrate super dry skin. Make no mistake Ladies, excess oil production can also be caused by too dry skin, you know. So, don't forget about toner!

4. Serum
Serum formula can be the most effective solution to overcome oil and large pores. Look for a serum that can control oil production and tighten pores. Use in the morning and at night before going to sleep so that the final result is more optimal.

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5. Moisturizer
Don't forget to use a moisturizer to keep your skin moist. Choose oil-free moisturizer so that it doesn't clog pores. Can also consider a moisturizer with a gel texture because it is lighter and easily absorbed by the skin. The result, the skin will become moister and oil on the face will also be more easily controlled.

Easy right, ladies? Let's take care of your facial skin with this skincare step!

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