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Her Face Becomes Weird After Cheek Filler, This Woman Pleases Satisfied


Anastasiia Pokreshchuk before and after surgeryAnastasiia Pokreshchuk before and after surgery - When you are obsessed with filler or botox, someone can become illogical. Like this woman named Anastasiia Pokreshchuk who is obsessed with cheek fillers.

Anastasia's cheekbones are now so prominent that the shape of her face has become strange. Even so, the woman from Ukraine was satisfied with her appearance.

"After I got the filler injection and I saw a change in my cheek, I fell in love with the shape. I like my cheeks, I want to look like that and I'm very happy," Anastasiia said, as quoted by the Daily Star.

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Even more extreme, Anastasiia even injects her own filler. He uses hyaluronic acid filler injected into his cheek without ever studying health and medicine.

"I often inject some parts in my own face. I understand that it looks strange to others but I don't think about it," said Anastasiia.

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"I'm very ashamed of everything, my voice, my appearance. I worked hard for it," she said.

Anastasiia described her current appearance as being exotic. While before she called herself an ugly woman. "I used to be like a rat," Anastasiia said.

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