Thursday, 22 Feb 2024

Asri Auzar Ready to Advance in the Election of Regional Heads 2020 Together With H. Fuad


Asri AuzarAsri Auzar - Deputy Chairman of the Riau Regional House of Representatives, Asri Auzar stated his readiness to go forward as a candidate for the Regent of Rokan Hilir in the Regional Head Election in 2020 in pairs with H Fuad who is the Chairperson of the Regional Representative Council of the Golkar Rohil Party.

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"Candidates for regional heads who have been given a letter of assignment or recommendation to immediately form a coalition with other parties, the official announcement of the regional head candidates carried by Demokrat Party, will be held next week." Asri Auzar

"Announcement of regional head candidates in 2020 Regional Head Elections will be held at the Secretariat of the Riau Demokrat Party Regional Representative Council," he concluded.

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