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Hypermase-Sehil, Make Village in Rohil as a Pilot Against Covid-19 in Riau


Hypermase-Sehil, Become an Example Village in Rohil to Against Covid-19 in RiauHypermase-Sehil, Become an Example Village in Rohil to Against Covid-19 in Riau

Sekeladi Student Association - Sekeladi Hilir (HIPEMASE-SEHIL) Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau, shows the seriousness of preventing Covid-19 outbreaks by collaborating with the local government to establish a Command Post in the District Border.

Initially, this activity has been going on for more than one month in which this activity collaborates with the local Youth / I and the Sekeladi and Downstream Sekululuan Governments to supervise Supervisory People (ODP) who have just returned to their hometowns and conduct health checks on everyone who enters and exits the area.

This activity is intended as one of the promotive and preventive efforts to raise awareness to the community as one of the ways to prevent Covid-19 transmission which is carried out massively and simultaneously in all regions in Rokan Hilir Regency. However, in recent times there have been many posts that appear to be empty, and there are no officers to carry out the inspection. So, again arose awareness of the surrounding area to re-activate the empty post.

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Before carrying out this activity, disinfection activities on public facilities are routinely carried out to prevent the spread of Covid-19, some assistance from the government was also handed over in both basic food packages and cash was also handed over, then activities were continued with the distribution of masks, sticking up educational posters, socializing PHBS, at this time also available handwashing tools and soap in every public facility, downstream at this time the community is accustomed to maintaining hygiene and routinely using masks when traveling.

Until now, the masks that were handed over were more than 2000 pieces of masks which will be resumed at a later stage along with several other activities to increase public awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My hope, after this program, is done, hopefully, the village government, students, and students in the future can always work together like this program, always responsive in handling or providing services to the community so that the community feels served by this program, hopefully also with this program, the provincial, district and cities and villages can carry out the mandate as made by the central government. Bright General Chairperson of HIPEMASE-SEHIL (M.Aris Munandar).

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This activity will continue until the outbreak of Covid-19 ends, until now (05/15/2020) 94 positive patients with Covid-19 continue to increase and Rokan Hilir is the only regency in RIAU Province that still has zero positive COVID patients. -19.

According to Sandika Syaputra (Head of R&D HIPEMASE-SEHIL) "I hope this activity can be an example for all friends in remote areas to fight together to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 by providing assistance to the community and conducting surveillance activities for people who enter our area, so that transmission can occur. this epidemic can be suppressed as little as possible, and I hope that more volunteers are involved to maximize this program."

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