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PDP Has Reached 21 People and ODP of 1187 People; Rohil Still in the Green Zone



Rokan Hilir is still a district labeled Green Zone, but vigilance is still exercised by the local government. According to Spokesperson (Spokesman) for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 Rohil Ahmad Yusuf SSos MH in an official statement at the Bagansiapiapi media center, Saturday (09 May).

He said the cumulative ODP number in Rokan Hilir increased, to 6882 people. While that spent as much as 5695 people. "Disputing, which is still being updated, has become 1187 people," explained Ahmad Yusuf who was accompanied by Acting Kadis Kominfo, Hermanto Ssos.

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In addition, the number of PDP Rokan Hilir increased by another person. The PDP was treated in Pekanbaru Santa Maria Hospital.

Although the PDP in Rokan Hilir consists of 21 people, as many as 15 people were sent home with negative swabs. "And 2 people who are currently still waiting for the results are waiting," he said.

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For this reason, Hermanto issued regulations for the community to maintain health, social distance, and physical distance. "Besides implementing several other health protocols," he advised.

According to him, this was to break the transmission and transmission chain of COVID-19.

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