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Unexpected! Bagansiapiapi had been Dubbed as the Second Most Catching Port in the World



History records that the Port at Bagansiapiapi, Rokan HIlir, Riau has supported national economies for dozens of years when it has been named the second most fish-producing port in the world.

The glory occurred in the Dutch colonial era in the 1930s quoted from, Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

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Unmitigated, fish production reached 300,000 tons per year. That is because the city at the mouth of the Rokan River is directly facing the Malacca Strait.

The port there was even named as the most fish production and the second busiest after Norway.

But now, that glory has vanished because of greed. Fishermen without hesitation use trawlers to catch fish.

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By using a single trawl the fishermen are able to drain up to 1 ton of large fish and the severity is including transporting small fish.

Making this condition did not last long because fish habitats quickly became extinct.


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