Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Sacrificed Buffalo Got Mad in Kudus, One Police Team Come to Handle


Police when paralyzing buffalo raged at KudusPolice when paralyzing buffalo raged at Kudus - A sacrificial buffalo in Ngembal Kulon Village, Jati District, Kudus went on a rampage when he was about to be killed. The police were forced to shoot the buffalo three times.

The buffalo even had time off on the road Pantura Kudus this morning. Chairman of the Almutaqin Ngembal Kulon Mosque, Jati Kecataman, Ahmad Farid Hermawan said the buffalo rope was released when it was slaughtered this morning, at 07.30 am.

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Ahmad said the buffalo then came out of the cage to run to the road and finally entered the football field in the village of Ngembal Kulon. It was indeed just going to hold a sacrifice today.

"It turned out that the rope was loose, then around because of stress. From the warehouse, the door was kicked away, entered (into the local village soccer field because the gate was open), then entered the field, then I contacted the police station asking for the help of the sniper team," explained Ahmad .

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Until finally the police station came to paralyze the buffalo. At around 09.00 am the buffalo was finally paralyzed with three shots.

The buffalo was paralyzed by a team of five police officers. The buffalo was then paralyzed with three shots.

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