Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Neighboring Over Land, Wisnu's House, Ponorogo Residents Become Squeezed There Is No Access to Enter to His Home


Access Wishnu's house walled by his neighborsAccess Wishnu's house walled by his neighbors - A house in Ponorogo does not have access to its entrance. The access road is closed by a wall built by its neighbor.

The owner of the house is Wisnu Widodo (48), a resident of Gandu Kepuh Village, Sukorejo District. Because the access road was walled, Vishnu was forced to pass through a small alley as access into his house.

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The alley can only be passed by one person because it is narrow and flanked by two other building houses. The Vishnu family also could not help being forced through this alley.

Previously, the village road that he used to access the house was closed by a long wall like a fence as high as one meter by his neighbors, Mistun and Edy.

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According to Widodo, the construction of this wall has taken place since 2017. Widodo asked the village to take a stand immediately. While the terrace of his house was now covered by woven bamboo and functioned as a tv room due to the road access that was covered by a wall.

Previously, the door to the house faced the wall that was walled. Because it was considered useless, Widodo changed the direction of his door, not facing the wall, but to a small alley.

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