Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Not a Small Number! 50 Million People in the Tourism Sector will Lose Their Jobs Due to the Corona Virus


IllustrationIllustration - As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world, around 50 million people who work in the tourism sector are predicted to lose their jobs. So according to estimates from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) as quoted from the official website.

Because of the Coronavirus, international flights have been canceled and several insurance companies have refused new customers for travel insurance. The airlines in the world are forced to ground their aircraft.

WTTC predicts the tourism sector will experience shrinkage of up to 25% by 2020. But Guevara added that tourism has the power to overcome challenges. This global tourism organization provides several suggestions to countries regarding the steps that can be taken to protect the tourism industry itself, namely:

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1. Make it easy to obtain a visa and reduce the management fee.

2. Remove unnecessary barriers at ports and airports.

3. Reducing travel taxes such as air passenger fees.

4. Provide incentives and support the continuation of the company's business affected by the coronavirus, especially MSMEs.

5. Increase budget to promote tourist destinations, when tourist attractions are ready to receive more guest visits.

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