Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Inhu Regent Attends Kracker Rengat's Sixth Anniversary


(Inhu Regent Yopi Arianto (photo / int))(Inhu Regent Yopi Arianto (photo / int)) -

INHU- Regent of Indragiri Hulu (Inhu), H. Yopi Arianto SE was present in person at the Kracker Rengat 6th Anniversary event which was held in the Rengat Green Open Space (RTH), Saturday (11/1/2020).

Hundreds of crackers from the city of Rengat and other automotive communities across Sumatra thronged RTH Rengat to welcome the Regent of Yopi together with the Chairman of the Council Samsudin and the Chairperson of the Golkar Faction in the Inhu DPRD Daniel Eka Perdana who rode a motorbike from the Inhu Regent's official residence Jl. A. Yani was accompanied by dozens of Kracker's Rengat and its surroundings. The presence of the Regent and his entourage also made the atmosphere very lively.

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In his direction, Regent Yopi welcomed all the crackers and the automotive community in the City of Rengat, the State of Historic Indragiri Hulu Regency.

"I also wish you a happy 6th birthday to the Kracker Rengat community. Hopefully this event will provide motivation and role models in traffic for kracker lovers and those who have automotive hobbies," he said while checking the attendance and completeness of the driving of some community participants.

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Furthermore, the Regent of Yopi, who was also accompanied by the Head of Protocol, Supandi S.Sos, MP, officially released and at the same time joined the extended Kracker Rengat family and the entire super moto community as well as the Kracker in Sumatra, rolling thunder around Rengat City, commencing the 6th anniversary of Kracker. Rengat 2020.

Meanwhile, M. Tegar as the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee said that based on the committee's list, participants who were present at the event were from Rengat City and its surroundings, Pekanbaru, Inhil, Jambi, Lampung, Palembang, Pelalawan, Langgam (Siak), Ujung Batu (Rokan Hulu), and Kampar.

Activities will be filled with fun games, anniversary celebrations (dance, freestyle, ceremonial, cake cutting, dorprize), color run parties that take place from Saturday to Sunday, 11-12 January 2020 at RTH Rengat. (R24 / Rou)


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