Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Start 2020, the Regent of Yopi Inaugurates 187 Echelon II, III and IV Officials of Inhu District Government


(Regent of Indragiri Hulu H Yopi Arianto installed hundreds of echelon II, III and IV officials in the Inhu District Government (photo / Rou))(Regent of Indragiri Hulu H Yopi Arianto installed hundreds of echelon II, III and IV officials in the Inhu District Government (photo / Rou)) -

INHU- Starting 2020, Regent of Indragiri Hulu H Yopi Arianto inaugurated hundreds of echelon II, III and IV officials within the Inhu District Government, in the Dang Purnama Building, Rengat, Monday (1/6/2020) night.

There were 187 officials recorded including the high-ranking pratama leaders, administrator officials and official supervisors who were sworn in .

In addition to rotating, this inauguration was also in the context of merging a number of OPDs with other OPDs, one of which was the Natural Resources Section which is now merged with the Economic Section of the Regional Secretariat. This is based on the implementation of the new SOTK in the scope of Inhu District Government.

This inauguration itself refers to the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs number 821.22.14 of 2019 concerning the appointment of the Primary High Leadership as the Head of the Population and Civil Registry Office and the Decree of the Regent of Indragiri Hulu No. 10 / I / 2020 kpts 10 January 2020.

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Based on the Decree of the Minister of the Interior officially appointed as Head of Disdukcapil Inhu is Saiful Bahri, S. Sos. In addition, based on the Inhu Regent's Decree several inaugurated administrator officials namely the Head of the Inhu Regional Disaster Management Center Erguspian, S. Sos and Secretary of the Office of Community Empowerment and Inhu Village Riswidiantoro.

Meanwhile, several sub-district heads were also inaugurated, Andrianto, SE served as Kelayang Sub-district Chief, Sani S Lyrics Sub-district Head, Elfahri as Lala River Sub-District Head, R Muhammad Arif as Kuala Cenaku Sub-District Head, Mas'ud as Batang Cenaku Sub-District Head, Yusri Erdi as Sub-District Head Sub-District Head Role, Roma Doris as Seberida District Head.

After inauguration, in his short speech the Regent of Inhu H Yopi Arianto merely said that the inauguration process should be grateful. "I congratulate and carry out the mandate that is carried out full of responsibility," said Regent H Yopi Arianto.

In addition to the Regent, the Regional Representatives Speaker Inhu Syamsudin, Secretary of the Regional Secretary Inhu Hendrizal, as well as the Assistant and the head of the Regional Representative Council in Inhu District Government were also present. (R24 / Rouf)


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