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Regent of Indragiri Hilir Released Prime Thousands Tons of Coconut Exports at Port of Trench 21


Indragiri Hilir Regent, HM WardanIndragiri Hilir Regent, HM Wardan - Regent of Indragiri Hilir Regency HM Wardan officially released the first export of round coconut shipments from Parit 21 Port to Batu Pahat Port of Malaysia, on  Monday, August 3, 2020.

In this inaugural export, 3 ships with thousands of tons of coconut were immediately dispatched after the file submission ceremony from the coconut businessman through Indragiri Hilir Regent HM Wardan.

"Today God willing, I will send 3 ships for the first export to Malaysia, from the Port of Trench 21 to Batu Pahat Port," HM Wardan said in his remarks.

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In the future, when the port is already using containers, it is possible for coconut exports aside from Malaysia, we can also go to Thailand, China and India.

In addition, the Regent also admitted that he had wanted the ditch port 21 to function as long as possible.

"Alhamdulillah, initiated by Deputy Regent of Indragiri Hilir H Samsyudin Uti, this initial export can be carried out," said HM Wardan in his remarks on the release of the first export of coconut at the port of trench 21.

"I am very happy, because since the first period I was entrusted to become regent, we have started to function this port," he added.

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However, due to collision with regulations, the port cannot be used yet. But at the end of June 2020 we have received a reply from the Governor of Riau, that for the management of the assets of the port trench 21 was handed over to the Government of Indragiri Hilir Regency.

"In its construction, for the port area it uses a budget of 11.3 billion from the Riau Province Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget, and for the land side it takes budget of the Indragiri Hilir Regional Revenue and Expenditure of 52.9 billion," said the Regent.

Previously, in his remarks the Deputy Regent of Indragiri Hilir, H Samsyudin Uti said that the departure of 3 ships for the initial export was in accordance with applicable regulations.

"This departure is legal, nothing is illegal," said Deputy Regent Indragiri Hilir.

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