Thursday, 30 May 2024

Two Patients Positive of Covid-19 in Indragiri Hilir Indicated of Recovery


IllustrationIllustration - As many as 2 positive patients of Covid-19 in Indragiri Hilir Regency were declared cured after receiving treatment at the Puri Husada Tembilahan General Hospital.

The two patients were female initials M (27), residents of Teluk Pinang, GAS District and men with initial S (27), residents of Kijang Island, Reteh District.

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Head of the Medical Team for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Management of Indragiri Hilir Regency, Dr. Alexis revealed, the two positive patients of Covid-19 were declared cured after the Polymerase Chain Reaction swab was re-tested by the medical team.

"From these tests, the results showed both patients were negative Covid-19. That means, both patients can be said to be cured," said Dr. Alexis through a press release, Wednesday, July 29, 2020 night.

Furthermore, Dr. Alexis said, the Indragiri Hilir District Health Office continued to conduct screening or search for new cases of Covid-19 and tracing of positive patient contacts of Covid-19 as a form of preventing the spread of Covid-19.

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"In this effort, it also involves other relevant agencies and local community leaders," said Dr. Alexis, saying the total number of positive Covid-19 patients who were declared cured in Indragiri Hilir Regency was 47 cases.

So far, the number of Covid-19 positive patients still being treated at the Puri Husada Tembilahan Regional General Hospital is 4 people. Meanwhile, the number of patients under supervision is still being treated as many as 4 people with 1 of them being treated intensively and 3 others in good clinical condition.

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