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440 Women as Murder Victims' Shoes Turned into Art


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440 Women as Murder Victims' Shoes Turned into Art

Jakarta- An artist, Vahit Tuna, uses 440 pairs of high heels as his art media on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. The artwork made visitors horrified.

The number 440 represents the number of women killed in domestic and or sexual violence that occurred in Turkey during 2018. The number is in accordance with a report issued by the We Will Stop Femicide Platform.

In Turkey itself there is a tradition of placing one's shoes at the entrance of a house.

"We are standing in the street and maybe this is an artwork that make the visitors scary for the first time, there were wounds, and bleeding implisitly," he said.

Through this work of art, Vahit Tuna, wants to create awareness and influence the way people think.

“To be honest I don't feel safe on the streets. There are 440 pairs of shoes which means 440 lives were lost in 2018, this is very disappointing," said one visitor.



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