Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Anticipating Lakalantas Due to Wild Race, Tualang Sector Police Holds Patrol Night Saturday


Tualang Sector Police officers raid wild racingTualang Sector Police officers raid wild racing - The Tualang Police Station held a Saturday night patrol in anticipation of various vulnerabilities to kamtibmas disturbances and juvenile delinquency such as wild racing, Saturday, January 11, 2020.

The wild race that is often done by youth groups every Sunday night at Tualang District is considered to be very disturbing for the community.

"We have been furious for a long time with this wild racing sir. This is very disturbing, in addition to endangering other motorists, the sound of the motorcycle exhaust used for racing was very frustrating," said Retno, a resident of Tualang Subdistrict.

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He said, in addition to illegal racing, residents of Tualang Sub-District some Sundays often experience robbery. There was even someone who was caught, who was the culprit.

"In addition to illegal racing, thieves are also many in the past few weeks sir, even some time ago have been found out, the perpetrators are still children. But since the police often patrol this, have begun to sleep well we are now, have begun to quiet the children were hanging out, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Police Chief of Tualang SH, Private Commissioner, through the Panit 1 of the Tualang Binmas of IPDA Yatim said that this juvenile delinquency was a disorder of the Community Security. Therefore, we hold routine patrols and hunting in order to reduce the number of traffic and disturbance of Khamtibmas.

"Wild race is one that we anticipate. To anticipate this, we conduct patrols and hunting as it is today," he explained.

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This wild race action seems to have started to become a habit of adolescents on weekend nights. Youth groups often run wild races and tracks to cause unrest among residents.

"Alhamdulillah, tonight they are no longer seen racing activities like the night before the previous week. This will continue to be done so that teens no longer do the wild racing activities," he said.

Perawang-Minas causeway Kilometers 5 and 6 seem deserted from track activities. About a dozen police personnel from the Tualang Police Station were seen guarding the road around the edge in front of the Palace VII Hotel.


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