Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Farewell and Welcomes the Head of Kandis District, Alfedri Regent: So the Best District in the Future will Come


The Siak Regent, Alfedri, attended the Kandis Sub-District SertijabThe Siak Regent, Alfedri, attended the Kandis Sub-District Sertijab - Handover of Position and Farewell of the Kandis Sub-District of Siak Regency in the yard of the Telaga Sam-sam Village Chief of the District of Kandis, Saturday 11 January 2020.

The activity was attended by Siak Regent Drs H Alfedri MSi, Upika Sub-district Kandis District, Kandis community leaders, OKP, as well as more than one hundred invited guests.

The position of Head of the Kandis Sub-District which was previously occupied by H. Irwan Kurniawan is now replaced by the new Sub-District Head Said Irwan, SE, who previously served as the District Head of Candis.

In his remarks H. Irwan Kurniawan said that he had been assigned to lead in the District of Kandis for 3 years and 1 week and thanked the entire community for helping the government in the district of Kandis.

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"A big thank you to all the people of Kandis who have been jointly supporting the change of Kandis from the subdistrict, which is considered Texas, has now become a peaceful district.

"I would also like to thank the Regent of Siak Drs.H.Alfedri, MSi for giving trust to 8 Kandis children to continue the leadership relay in the Kandis government area. I am sure, Kandis will again become the best district in Riau Province," he said .

After being inaugurated on January 6, 2020, Said Irwan, SE officially led the government in Kandis sub-district.

Said Irwan has served for 5 years in the Kandis district as a District Secretary. And this year the position of Sekcam, is currently replaced by Mrs. Nurfa Octolita, SE, who previously served as Village Chief of Belutu Village, Kandis District.

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"My hope as the new Camat is to ask for support and cooperation from all community leaders and elements in Kandis Subdistrict. Let's jointly develop Kandis so that they can synergize with each other and Kandis can move forward for the future," Said Irwan .

In addition to attending the Welcoming Farewell event, the Regent of Siak Alfedri also symbolically gave 34 units of Alsintan (Agricultural Machine Tools) and Planting 10 trees.

In his remarks Alfedri said, the District of Kandis was an Exemplary District. And to achieve that achievement, the leadership and community participation must be maintained. This is a description of what we have programmed for the subdistrict district.

"Requested support from the community to the new Camat, Mr. Said Irwan. Hopefully the District of Kandis will be the best district in the future," said Alfedri.


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