Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Intimate Organ Often Pain When Making Love, This is the Sex Position That is Right for You


IllustrationIllustration - Most of women experience pain when having sex. This condition is known as dyspareunia.

In America, surveys show that three out of four women also feel pain when they make love. The researchers said that this condition was caused by physical and psychological factors.

There are several positions that are recommended by experts to make your sex experience more enjoyable. Here are the reviews:


1. Women On Top

In this position, it's you who control the 'game'. The method is very easy. Let your partner sleep on a flat surface like a bed, then you can sit on his body to adjust the speed and depth of penetration. Thus, you can control the pain.


2. Spooning

The position is done by tilting your body, then the partner will penetrate through the back of your body. With this position, the penetration process will be easier and less painful. If you suddenly feel a lil bit pain, you can lift one leg as a solution.


3. Missionary

If the pain is in the back of Miss V, missionary position is the right choice. This position is fairly standard and is most often used by young couples, because it tends to be easy. Simply lay your body on the bed, then let the couple do the next action.


4. Standing

If the pain you feel is unbearable anymore, it helps you avoid sexual activities nuanced penetrative. You can do a standing position.


Sexual intercourse will still feel intimate because you can make eye contact with your partner, while kissing intimately and hugging him.





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