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Got a Luxurious Home Covering an Area of 4500 Meters, Crazy Rich Has Suddenly Viral Cared for 6 Abandoned Babies and Wants to Make Orphanages


Monica Soraya and her husbandMonica Soraya and her husband - Monica Soraya's name has recently been widely discussed after the story of her kindness was revealed through one of Baim Wong's YouTube videos which was uploaded on August 2, 2020. The woman who is nicknamed Crazy Rich Jakarta because she has a luxurious house of 4,500 meters was sincerely willing to care for 6 abandoned babies. Even though she has abundant assets, Monica admitted to feeling uncomfortable being called crazy rich.

The woman who currently works as a housewife and social activist admits that she never intended to show off her wealth. For him there are still many other people who have far more wealth than him.

Monica herself admitted that since she was a child and before she got married, she had aspirations to own an orphanage. To make this happen, he now started by caring for the six abandoned babies who were entrusted to him.

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Monica admitted that she had only started getting to know the parents of these babies since February. The parents contacted her and stated that they wanted to leave the baby with Monica. Monica has started to support the babies since they were in the womb.

But as Monica said in Baim Wong's YouTube video, the babies were not adopted, only cared for and raised. When asked about this by Wolipop, Monica has her own answers and considerations why not choose to adopt the babies.

"For now I really agree with my husband because indeed when adopting a baby we have to think carefully. The point is for me, I want to care for, nurture, so that these babies can have a decent life. I want them to grow up. so successful children, which is great. And even at this time their condition is not say 'oh this is a real child or this is an adopted child or this is an adopted child' "said Monica.

Although currently Monica and her husband, Hariyanto, do not intend to adopt the babies they care for, but he admitted that the babies were already considered his own children. For the problem of whether the babies will be returned to their biological parents or not, Monica admits that she is still thinking about it. If later, if the babies are returned, they will get a decent life or not, considering that the biological parents of the babies have entrusted them to Monica.

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Monica also said that her relationship with all the parents of the babies she cared for was still well established. She always sends news of the growth and development of the babies to her biological parents. Monica also admitted that however she still needed the biological parents of the babies and she would one day bring the mother and child together.

For the problem of the care of the six babies, Monica has entrusted her with 6 babysitters. And because the babies are separated from their biological mothers, Monica has prepared formula milk for the six babies. Even though she was given formula milk, Monica admitted that the babies were still healthy.

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