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Pole position in Singapore Vettel admits a fortune


Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel - Ferrari racer, Sebastian Vettel, successfully captured pole position at the Singapore GP. Vettel claimed to be under luck in getting it.

In the qualifying session at the Marina Bay Circuit, Saturday (17/9), Germany drivers recorded the fastest time of one minute 39.491 seconds. In the process, Vettel beat the Red Bull duo, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, who differ around 0.3 seconds.

When spurred his car for the last time, Vettel had grazed border wall at Turn 19. His car suffered damage, and he felt great vibration at the end.

"I was lucky in the last round," Vettel revealed at Autosport. "I continue to ride until I approached the last bend and experiencing high vibration, but luckily, there is only one twists remaining."

"I urged as hard as I can. I had felt them (Red Bull) will get the best results, then I'm relieved when it crosses the line. I looked at the screen and wait for a decision. "

Successfully grab leading start was quite surprising. Even when during the free practice, Vettel was never able to beat Red Bull dominates. "This weekend was a little up and down. Yesterday was a tough day, tough as well but this afternoon this evening is more alive," Vettel added.

Vettel had excellent record at Marina Bay since rolling out the race in 2008.Four times world champion was four times climbs the highest podium, the latter in 2015.


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