Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Bad News for the iMac 2020 which was launched in August


IMac 2020IMac 2020 - Apple iMac 2020 will be a simple Intel processor that is refreshed without an ARM-based chip

Apple iMac 2020 can be revealed in August, according to Jon Prosser Leaker technology series. But don't expect to have a new look or for that use Apple's special ARM-based chip.

Prosser, who has a strong reputation for Apple insider knowledge, tweeted that despite rumors of the new iMac coming this week, it will arrive in August. But he was clear that it would not be supported by Apple SIlicon - the Cupertino in-house chip initiative - nor would it sport the new all-in-one design that had previously been hinted at.

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Conversely, the new iMac will only get a boost of refreshed specifications, possibly with a 10th Generation Intel Core processor and maybe some enhanced graphics options. This is not a big surprise, because it is predicted that Apple will use a new custom ARM-based chip, no different from the one used on the iPad Pro 2020, on a new MacBook Pro machine this year.

And when Apple decides to completely redesign the iMac, that's when we can expect it to switch from the Intel process to its desktop machine. Supporting this prediction and Prosser's claim was a tweet by another technology leaker named Jioriku, who also claimed that the upcoming iMac would not be a redesigned machine.

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So taking this into account, we might see a familiar iMac in the coming weeks with only improved specifications to bring it to the 2020 standard. We suspect Apple will do this quietly with small site updates rather than big announcements.

Everything could change in 2021 when Apple found its pace with its own ARM-based chip. That's when we can hope to see the redesigned iMac. Rumors and renders have suggested that such a machine would use a rather attractive all-in-one design, with a keyboard attached to the machine.

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How practical, and how likely, such a design will be open to speculation. But 2021 is set to be an interesting year for Mac machines in general because that's when Apple will start moving away from Intel chips vigorously. And the initial benchmark leak shows that Apple Silicon can have a lot of performance in the store.

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