Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Hitman 3 VR Puts You In The Shoes Of Agent 47


Hitman 3 VRHitman 3 VR


The thing about first-person shooters or games that let players play in the first-person perspective is that it is meant to offer a more intimate experience. However, there is still a sense of detachment as you would essentially be playing through a monitor and controllers like a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

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However, thanks to virtual reality, these types of games are about to get a whole lot more immersive and come January 2021, gamers will be able to put themselves in the shoes of Agent 47 of the Hitman franchise as the latest title in the franchise, Hitman 3, will be playable on Sony’s PlayStation VR.

According to Travis Barbour from IO Interactive, the developers behind the game, “Hitman 3 VR will change the way you play the game by giving you a first-person view and allowing you to get truly immersed into the rich and detailed locations that the series is known for. Whether you’re in disguise and walking down the catwalk at a fashion show in Paris, enjoying the seaside in Sapienza, or infiltrating a bank in New York, Hitman in VR literally gives you a brand new perspective in the first person.”

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The PSVR version of the game is expected to launch alongside the regular version of Hitman 3, so if you want to enjoy it on launch day itself, you can, although you will need the PSRVR headset and controllers to take advantage of it.

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