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Ulcer Sufferers Must Know; It turns out that this 7 breakfast menu triggers gastric acid


IllustrationIllustration - The breakfast menu that everyone eats is very diverse. Starting from eggs to heavy main dishes, such as rice, sandwiches, and others. But, there are also those who consume snacks such as cookies.

Reporting from the Times of India (14 July), it turns out there are some breakfast menus that are not good for patients with ulcer consumption. This is because it can trigger stomach acid to rise. There are 7 breakfast menus, ranging from scrambled eggs, bread with peanut butter topping, to cookies.

Here are 7 breakfast menus that can trigger stomach acid to rise.

1. Peanut Butter Baked Bread
Toasted bread is a much-consumed breakfast menu. Usually added a variety of jams, grated cheese, sunny side up eggs, and others. But, toast with peanut butter was not good for heartburn sufferers.

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This is because beans are high in saturated fat. When consumed in the morning, it can make heartburn. If you want it safer, almond butter can be an option because it is lower in fat.

2. Scrambled Eggs
Eggs are also a favorite breakfast menu for many people. But, in fact, eggs need to be avoided by ulcer sufferers. Eggs, including foods with a high risk of triggering allergies, it is feared to cause stomach acid to rise in the morning.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes become one of the fruits that are often consumed at breakfast. Can be consumed as a whole or mixed with other foods. Cherry tomatoes are usually consumed whole and are good for a diet.

But, for ulcer sufferers, don't even eat tomatoes for breakfast. Because it is acidic, it can trigger stomach acid to rise, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. If you often mix tomatoes on your sandwich, you should replace it with lettuce or avocado.

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4. Cookies
For people who can't eat 'heavy' food at breakfast, usually choose cookies, but this breakfast combination should not be consumed by ulcer sufferers. Because the combination of milk and caffeine found in cookies and tea or coffee can cause stomach acid to rise. Moreover, packaging cookies contain additional substances to preservatives that can worsen the situation.

5. Bacon Meat
Ulcer sufferers, you should avoid bacon for the breakfast menu. Bacon meat is high in fat and includes processed foods making it difficult to digest. That's why it can cause stomach acid to rise. Bacon meat is also high in salt which can cause a variety of other health problems.

6. Hot Dogs
Hot dogs become one of the practical breakfast menus in various countries. Consists of bread mixed with sausage, vegetables, and tomato sauce or mustard. Because there is a sausage mixture, hot dogs contain high saturated fat.

The fat content is what makes sausages difficult to digest and can trigger stomach acid to rise. For ulcer sufferers, it is certain that hot dogs are not good for breakfast.

7. Bread and Fruit Jam
Breakfast with bread is filling. But it turns out the bread and fruit jam blend is not good for patients with ulcer consumption. Eating it in the morning especially on an empty stomach can trigger stomach acid to rise. Better to eat de bread

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