Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Strange but True; Accompany Customers, The Owner of This Restaurant Put Paper Dolls on the Dining Table


Paper dolls are provided to accompany customersPaper dolls are provided to accompany customers - Restaurants in Australia have a unique way of filling in the blanks in a restaurant. One of them is by placing paper dolls on each table.

Many changes occurred in the restaurant after the Coronavirus pandemic. Almost all restaurants that re-open use distance keeping or social distancing systems, so that many empty chairs and tables cannot be occupied.

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Reporting from Insider (15 May), the Five Dock Dining restaurant in Sydney, Australia decided to fill the vacancy in their restaurant with a carboard or human paper form.

This paper doll is then placed in an empty chair complete with the noise of conversation that is installed through the restaurant's speakers. The goal is that visitors who eat in restaurants do not feel lonely.

Restaurant owner Frank Angeletta hopes that the paper dolls and the talk from the speakers will make visitors feel more comfortable.

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According to him, this gets a lot of positive responses from people. The restaurant reservation was immediately full especially this restaurant only accommodates 18 guests which were divided into two parts.

In addition to Five Dock Dining many restaurants in various countries do the same. Like restaurants in Thailand for example, who put a panda doll to accompany visitors to eat.

Then there is also the Michelin star restaurant at The Inn, Washington, Virginia which has a unique concept of filling empty benches and tables with statues in the restaurant. All this they did to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.

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