Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Are You a Short Woman? This is a 'Super' Position of Making Love for You


IllustrationIllustration - It's not rare that there is gap in a couple's height, in which the female is much shorter than the man. Some of them have possibility to feel embarrassed during sex.

Now the shorter women do not need to be embarrassed anymore, now there are various good positions, so you and your partner will not find problems during sex. The following are the sex positions that you can learn:

1. Table top
The sex sessions are not always be in the bedroom. You and your partner can try it in somewhere else like the dining table or kitchen.

Look for a surface that is the same height as your partner's crotch height, then you can sit or lie on that surface. This puts you in the same position as your partner.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

This position is a favorite position of couples who have a different height. This position is also great for men who have a large penis, because it allows you to control the depth of penetration.

Ask your partner to lie on your back then straddle, then you can go down to his penis by facing the legs.

3. Lover's Lotus

One alternative sex positions for couples with a very different height is to sit. The male is sit, and the shorter female can sit on him.

You can make out with each other, look at each other's faces lovingly, and play jazz for a pleasant feel.

4. The Snake

In this position the female must lie and slip the pillow under her pelvis, then lift her pelvis up. Then the partner will lie on top of her and push his penis from behind.

5. Corkscrew

One way to overcome the difference in partner's height is with one lying down, one standing. Do this position near the edge of the bed or bench. Rest your hips and forearms together by pressing on your thighs.





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