Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Turns out, these are the reasons why the mosquito's bite can be very itchy at night


IllustrationIllustration - Have you ever wondered, why can a mosquitoe’s bite be very itchy at night if compared to during the day ?, it turns out there is a scientific reason for this.

First, what causes the bite of a mosquito can be itch is because the bite comes from a female mosquito, why is it oonly a female? Because the female mosquito left its saliva into our body while sucking out our blood, it is the reason why the mosquito’s bite can be itchy. And when we scratch the bite marks it will feel more itchy, this happens because we release histamine compounds that cause swollen and itchy skin, and also when scratching the bite marks, we accidentally spread the mosquito's saliva in our body.

And for why mosquito bites are more itchy at night, this is because at night cortisol level in our body decreases compared to the morning and also because at night we try to be more relaxed because we want to sleep, so the slightest disturbance will be felt by us.

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