Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Many Residents are still Wandering, Pekanbaru City Government Will Apply Curfew


Mayor of Pekanbaru, FirdausMayor of Pekanbaru, Firdaus -

PEKANBARU - Residents of Marpoyan Damai Sub-district are still being watched by night clubs during the corona outbreak. Seeing the situation becoming more precarious with the increasing number of Patients Under Supervision (PDP) and corona positive patients today, the curfew was immediately applied in all areas of Pekanbaru.

"Once or two days, I go around Pekanbaru City at night. Until 12 at night, I see Marpoyan Damai residents are still congregational and going back and forth," said Mayor of Pekanbaru Firdaus during a press conference on the 3rd floor of the Public Service Mall (MPP), Friday (3/4/2020).

Not only young people but also young families look back and forth on a motorcycle. The moment was immortalized Firdaus cell phone. This young family is not assessed as not understanding how dangerous this corona virus is.

"This morning, I with the Pekanbaru police chief conducted a sudden inspection (sudden inspection) to internet cafes (internet cafes). Apparently, there were still many who did not comply," he said.

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When inspection in one of the internet cafes, the front door looks tightly closed. But, the back door is open.

"Once examined inward, I found children of middle, high school, and college age, still as usual playing in internet cafes. With that in mind, I adopted a policy of having to limit the community's mobility by imposing a curfew," Firdaus stressed.

The curfew will be discussed in more detail with the Regional Leaders Communication Forum (Forkopimda) and the 2019 corona virus disease task force team (covid-19). The curfew can be enforced starting Saturday (4/4 // 2020) night or Sunday (5/4/2020) night.

"What is clear, Pekanbaru City Government will immediately impose a curfew. Imposition of a curfew starting at 8 pm until the next day at 4 in the morning," Firdaus said.

Another consideration for applying the curfew is the addition, increase, escalation of PDP and positive corona in Pekanbaru today. With the implementation of this curfew, it is hoped that Pekanbaru people's awareness will get better.

"If you don't understand, so PDP and positive patients will increase, of course not only curfew. So, we will have large-scale social restrictions (PSBB)," said Firdaus.

To note, the curfew is an order from the government that a group of people or communities return to their respective homes before the specified time. Curfew is applied to maintain public security or to limit the movements of certain groups. (R24 / put)

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