Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Alleged Mark Up Ong Lie River Normalization Project, This Said the Head of the White Water


Sungai Ong Lie Desa Air PutihSungai Ong Lie Desa Air Putih - Work on excavation or normalization of the Ong Lie River, Jalan Pramuka-Minal Commander along 570 meters sourced from the Air Putih Village Fund (DDs), Bengkalis District, Bengkalis Regency with a budget ceiling of Rp68 million in 2019 was allegedly marked up.

After the work was paid, local residents immediately became suspicious, because the allocation of funds disbursed was considered too large, compared to the work done.

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"Just look at the work whose title is the excavation of the Ong Lie River, actually it is not an excavation, but a cleansing. Because the river already exists," said a resident of Air Putih, Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

"There are only 6 people who work for about 7 days or a week, with a work cost of Rp. 30 million," he continued.

He continued, the allocation of funds for the work was Rp68 million, while for the work he did not rent heavy equipment.

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Do not buy cement, sand and so on. So that the remaining funds of Rp30 million for the cost of the 6-person worker are raised at Rp38 million.

"If there are 6 people working for 7 days getting the Rp. 30 million, so one day the workers who clean the river with their own tools in the form of machetes and hoes get more than Rp. 700,000 per day," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Air Putih Village (Kades), Syafuddin, when confirmed only said that the work had no problems. "The job is no problem," in short.

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