Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Official Car of the Former Pekanbaru Legislative Council Chairman Not Found Yet , Satpol PP Awaits Police Report from BPKAD


Pekanbaru PP Kasppol Agus Agus Pramono.Pekanbaru PP Kasppol Agus Agus Pramono. - The official car of the former Pekanbaru DPRD Speaker, Toyota Vellfire BP 2 A, has not been found to date. In fact, according to the direction of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), official cars which are state assets must be returned to the City Government of Pekanbaru.

Head of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) Pekanbaru Agus Pramono in his room on Monday (11/18/2019), said, there was still one official car that had not been successfully pulled. This case was returned to the Regional Wealth and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD).

"We no longer have authority in the withdrawal of an official car that is still controlled by the former chairman of the Pekanbaru DPRD. Because the Government's assets are allegedly already controlled by someone else," he explained.

Because it is in the control of others, there are concerns that new problems will occur during the withdrawal process. Therefore, this issue was returned to BPKAD.

"We have recommended to BPKAD that the case be reported by the police. If we already hold a police report, then we can withdraw the official car from a third person," said Agus.

Reported earlier, one official car owned by the Pekanbaru City Government, Toyota Vellfire, has not been returned by the former chairman of the DPRD Desmianto until now. Seeing this bad intention, the Pemko Pekanbaru judicial team immediately held a meeting to determine the next step.
Acting Head (Acting) Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) Pekanbaru City Syoffaizal, Wednesday (11/06/2019), said it must coordinate with the judicial team in a meeting related to the withdrawal of this Toyota Vellfire type official car. In the meeting the judicial team's attitude will be decided.

"In the meeting, we will discuss with the regional apparatus organization (OPD) that uses the official car. If there are other steps in the meeting, then we will consider it," he said.

Therefore, the withdrawal of the official car was carried out in the form of a judicial team. The team does not move individually.

The opportunity is different, the Head of the Operations Unit of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) Pekanbaru City Desheriyanto said, the Toyota Vellfire BM 2 A was informed to be in the Province of West Sumatra (West Sumatra). But, that information is also uncertain.

"We suspect the car has been sold," he said.

The search for one official car was forced to stop. Because the information about the existence of the car is not yet valid.
"Kasatpol PP suggested that BPKAD report this to the police. Because, there are allegations that the car has been transferred to the second hand," he said.

Pekanbaru City Government has almost completed the withdrawal of official cars from the mastery of former leaders and members of the DPRD. Only one official car that has not been successfully withdrawn is Toyota Vellfire in the control of former Pekanbaru DPRD chairman Desmianto.

"The official car controlled by the former council is a state property. He should return the official car after he is no longer in office. The official car is a state asset," said Pekanbaru City Secretary (Sekdako) Pekanbaru M. Noer, Friday (1/11/2019).

Seeing this situation, M. Noer immediately held an evaluation meeting with the regional apparatus organization (OPD) which takes care of the withdrawal of this official car. The results of the evaluation will look for the next steps.

"It's still confusing the existence of the official car. The team that searched for it has not been able to find it," said M Noer.

Allegedly, the official Toyota Vellfire type car was already sold to someone else. Thus, OPD is related to being constrained in the withdrawal process.

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