Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Cured of Corona, President of Brazil: "Nothing to be Afraid of, Face It!"


Jair Bolsonaro when greeting supportersJair Bolsonaro when greeting supporters - Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, again said that almost everyone would be infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Bolsonaro encouraged Brazilian citizens to 'face him' and insisted there was nothing to fear after he recovered from Corona.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (1 August 2020), Bolsonaro who had just returned to his activities after being quarantined for three weeks made himself an example. Bolsonaro tested positive for the Coronavirus on July 7 and only recovered about three weeks later.

"I'm in a high-risk group," Bolsonaro, 65, told reporters while visiting the city of Rio Grande do Sul.

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"I know I will be affected (Coronavirus) one day because I think that it is unfortunate that almost everyone here will be affected in the end. What are you afraid of? Face it," he stressed.

"I regret the existence of death. But people die every day, as a result of many things. That is life," added Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro faced criticism over the way he handled the Corona pandemic which is still very rampant in Brazil. Bolsonaro previously called the Coronavirus a 'mild flu' and denounced the lockdown step, recommendations for staying at home, as well as social distancing rules implemented in several regions of Brazil.

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Before Corona's positive, Bolsonaro always shook hands and hugged his supporters. He even met the crowd of supporters without masks.

After being tested Corona positive on 7 July, Bolsonaro had to undergo quarantine for three weeks at the presidential palace in Brasilia. He attended his first public event on Thursday (30/7) local time after being declared Corona negative. During the event, Bolsonaro greeted the crowd of supporters in the Piaui region, taking off his mask.

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