Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Create a New Atmosphere, Converse Selling Shoes with Models That Look 'Dirty', This is the Price


The popular model of converse shoesThe popular model of converse shoes - We all know that a pair of shoes looks better when worn a little, but Converse shoes with the "dirty" model that was recently introduced have made many netizens question.

Namely, Chuck Taylor All Star Basic Wash. This shoe has an "old look" that basically looks like it's been worn for 2 years without washing it. Even the shoelaces are covered in black and gray marks to make it look old.

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"Past the burglary period. Dirty washing treatments give this classic Chucks a vintage look, right out of the box. "That's the description on the website for a pair of these classic Chucks.

This shoe is available in Navy and Gray. There is also a high cut version of the same dirty washing shoe in gray and black. Priced at £ 70 (around RM380) and £ 85 (around RM460), these dirty shoes are actually more expensive than the cleaner classic version.

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Criticism arose when a British journalist, Micha Frazer-Carroll tweeted about shoes that appeared to be muddy:

"It actually doubles the gross amount you want Converse to be ..."

"There is something irresistible about the idea of ??eventually going to clean this up and knowing that there is a layer of paint on artificial dirt that you can never remove," he said.

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