Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Great, Siak won the title Fair without exception for the 9th time


Siak Regent Drs. H Alfedri Msi Received CertificateSiak Regent Drs. H Alfedri Msi Received Certificate -  The Siak Regency Government again won the title "Fair without Exception" for the ninth time, while attending the event of taking the Report on the results of the examination of the 2019 financial statements of the Regency / City Governments in the Province of Riau, which was held by the Indonesian National Audit Board of the Republic of Riau .

The Inspection Results Report was submitted directly by the Head of the Republic of Indonesia Financial Examination Agency, Riau Province Representative Thomas Ipoeng Andjar Wasita, to 3 Regencies / Cities namely, Pelalawan Regency, Kampar Regency, and for Siak Regency was received directly by the Regent of Siak Alfedri and the Chairman of the Regional Representative Council Siak Azmi Regency, in the Office of the Riau Representative Finance Audit Board, Pekanbaru.

When found after receiving the 2019 Regional Government Financial Statement Examination Results by the Republic of Indonesia Supreme Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, the Regent of Siak Alfedri expressed his gratitude and gratitude for the achievement of "Fair without Exception" which was again achieved.

"Alhamdulillah, today Siak Regency has received the results of the Audit Report from the 2019 financial report, with the 9th" Unqualified Fair "predicate starting in 2011," Alfedri said.

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In addition, he continued, with the achievement of the 9th "Fair without Exception" predicate, making Siak Regency as the regency that won the most "Fair without Exception" in Riau Province.

"We also thank all the friends in the Siak Regency Government environment, starting from the Regional Secretary, assistants, all Heads of Regional Apparatus Organizations, all Subdistricts to the Village Government, who have done good financial governance, based on the principles of accounting based general that has been maximally sought in Siak district ", he explained.

Still Alfedri said, what has been directed by the Republic of Indonesia Supreme Audit Board of Republic of Indonesia in the financial audit yesterday, and the guidance of the Republic of Indonesia Financial Examination Board how to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of financial users, will be our record as the Government of Siak Regency , so that better financial management going forward.

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"After this, the Siak Regency Government will submit the 2019 Regional Regulation on Regional Revenue and Expenditure Accountability Bill to the Siak District House of Representatives", concluded the Siak Regent.

Head of BPK RI Riau Province Representative Thomas Ipoeng Andjar Wasita Although in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, thank God the Republic of Indonesia Financial Examination Agency of Riau Province succeeded in implementing and completing the Regency / City Regional Government Financial Statements in Riau Province.

"Even though it is still in the Covid-19 pandemic, the submission of the Inspection Report must still be carried out while continuing to implement the health protocol that has been instructed by the central government," explained the Head of the Republic of Indonesia's Financial Examination Agency of the Riau Province Representative.

Furthermore, the Examination Report must be followed up by the regents / mayors and the Regional Representatives Council of each Region, the Regional Government should also encourage the improvement of financial reports so that financial management in the regions is better, accountable and continues to be improved. To the Regional House of Representatives, the Supreme Audit Board is ready to conduct consultations relating to the discussion of the Audit Report. (Adv)

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