Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Health Protocol in Tiris Air Market


 Babinsa of Military Command Area 07/Kampar Babinsa of Military Command Area 07/Kampar - Babinsa  of Military Regional Command 07 / Kampar Kodim 0313 / kpr, led by Pelda Kasrial, carry out community discipline enforcement activities regarding compulsory compliance with Government Regulations on Health Protocols in the Air Tiris Traditional Market, Kampar District, Kampar District, Saturday, June 20 2020.

Pelda Kasrial admitted that there were many traders and visitors who did not wear masks and when asked many claimed to forget, "he explained.

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"Furthermore Pela Kasrial revealed that the activities that he had carried out essentially invited the community to break the chain of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and not panic in responding to news that spread in the community, diligently washing hands, wearing masks, keeping a distance, regular exercise and maintaining eating patterns, "continued Pelda Kasrial

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