Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

One Inhu Citizens Positive Covid-19, Magetan East Java Clusters


One Inhu Citizens Positive Covid-19, Magetan East Java ClustersOne Inhu Citizens Positive Covid-19, Magetan East Java Clusters - In addition, one resident of Inhu District, Riau positively codified Covid-19. Inhu residents are East Java (Jatim) Magetan boarding schools. This patient is the third patient of Covid-19 in Inhu district.

Patients confirmed that Covid-19 is a ZMI (17) resident of the Village of Riders in West Rengat District, Inhu, Riau.

Finally, ZMI or patient 3 and / or 82 patients in Riau, are willing to be taken to Indra Sari Rengat Hospital after the incident and the family has been given an understanding by the Satgas Team of Inhu Health Department.

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It is said that ZMI is the result of tracking of other Covid-19 positive patients, who are also Magetan cluster students.

Data from the Riau Provincial Task Force dated May 13, 2020, in Inhu Regency contained ODP 417 people and had completed a monitoring of 4040 people and only 13 people.

As for the PDP as many as 13 and those who have been allowed to return 7 people and 6 people under surveillance.

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Of the 3 confirmed Covid-19 patients, 1 was cured and discharged, while 2 others were still in medical care.

Juber Inhu, Jawalter Covid-19 Acceleration Task Force on Thursday, May 14, 2020, said that Magetan cluster students are still searching and tracking, and will be in rapid test if any is found.

”Preventive efforts are ongoing, including those who have had physical contact with the patient," she said.


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